Andrews imposes greedy taxes on electric cars

Thursday, 17th February 2022

Nationals Member for Ovens Valley Tim McCurdy is concerned owners of electric cars are going to face growing and inescapable tax burdens per kilometre because of the Victorian Government’s greedy tax implications.

In Parliament Mr McCurdy called for the Victorian Government to immediately remove the road tax for driving electric vehicles in Victoria.

Mr McCurdy said, “Victoria appears to be the only jurisdiction in the world to tax electric vehicles.

“One minute the Victorian Government is encouraging Victorians to produce and use renewable energy, and the next they are actively discouraging the use and purchase of electric vehicles.”

He continued, “I recently spoke with a local family in Wangaratta who purchased a Tesla electric car to do their bit for the environment. This family use the electric car on a daily basis and charge it using their own solar panels which they pay tax on to the Victorian Government.”

Since 1 July 2021, the Victorian Government implemented a modest distance-based charge applying to Victorian registered zero and low emission vehicles*.

“Now electric car users are encumbered by another greedy tax by the Victorian Government; one that makes them pay for not only road user tax, but tax per kilometre to the Victorian Government; regardless of whether they are travelling in Victoria.

“This is unfair for our electric car owners,” Mr McCurdy said.

Mr McCurdy will continue to raise these taxation concerns for electric car owners in Parliament. 

Image of Tim McCurdy MP for Ovens Valley in an electric tesla car.



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