Beware of solar rebate scams – McCurdy warns community

Tuesday 21 May 2019

Nationals Member for Ovens Valley Tim McCurdy is warning current and potential solar panel customers to be aware of scams relating to the Victorian Labor’s solar rebate.

Mr McCurdy said he has become aware of solar panel companies cashing in on the little knowledge most people have about the solar rebate process.

“As we know, the Labor Government has put the brakes on the solar panel rebate until the 1st of July,” he said.

“This has left solar retailers and installers in limbo financially and having to let go staff.

“They are taking drastic measures and using underhanded methods to keep the jobs coming in.”

Mr McCurdy said that one method solar panel companies were using to keep their businesses going was to charge customers more at the outset, which then allowed them to “shave off” the rebate amount.

“The companies then advise the customer that they will handle the rebate application so the customer goes away thinking they have got a good deal,” he said.

“And that’s just not true – there is no rebate application and no good deal.”

Mr McCurdy said these scams had ramifications not only for customers but for other solar panel companies who were operating morally and ethically.

“We have ethical businesses who are losing money and staff, customers who are being scammed on a promise of a rebate, and other businesses being driven to use dishonest means to keep afloat,” he said.

“Daniel Andrews Labor has created this huge mess by capping the solar panel rebates and ceasing applications in mid-April this year.

If Labor had kept their original promise of rebates being available to June 2019, we wouldn’t now be warning people about these issues.”

Potential solar panel customers are encouraged to be more informed by obtaining information on the solar panel rebate process, getting more than one quote or engaging a free quote service.

Customers are also able to call Tim McCurdy’s office on 5721 6155 to voice their concerns.

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