Children with disabilities to undertake five Rapid tests each week

Friday, 4th February 2022


Nationals Member for Ovens Valley Tim McCurdy says the Victorian Government is asking children with disabilities across the Ovens Valley and Victoria to undertake five rapid antigen tests (RATs) each week before attending their special development school.


Mr McCurdy said, “on the Victorian Governments website, it states mainstream primary and secondary students are to test twice-a-week for the first four weeks of term, whereas students from specialist schools are to test each school day*.


“Although this measure is aimed to provide a higher level of surveillance for students with disabilities*, by nature, nasal RATs are far more invasive and for a child living with a disability it can be a challenging and distressing procedure.”


The Nationals and Shadow Assistant Minister for Education have called for the Andrews Government to explain why they have not adopted a less invasive saliva testing RAT as an alternate option.


He continued, “parents and carers are best positioned to understand and be consulted about the health vulnerabilities of their own children with disabilities.


“It’s time the Andrews Government implements less invasive methods for children at special development schools.”*

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