Community effort builds future for kids

Monday 8 October 2018

Letter to the editor - Community effort builds future for kids 

I wish to thank all those involved in the huge community effort that has resulted in the 4 Kids and Carers Future Foundation (4KCFF) home being completed in Wangaratta.

Wangaratta and the wider community was shocked, devastated and heartbroken by the tragic events of April 25 last year.

People were immediately willing to do anything they could to help the children in some way but were unsure what they could offer that would make an ongoing difference.

From that initial response, the idea developed that there was indeed a way our community could assist – the outcome is a wonderful home for the children and their family.

The house is a result of this community’s compassion, generosity and willingness to work together to help in a time of need.

Many thanks go to Graham ‘Stretch’ Everitt who worked so hard to co-ordinate the build and Bright’s Jason Reid, chair of 4KCFF, whose commitment will ensure the children continue to be supported.

To everybody who has helped in some way to achieve this outcome - our community has shown that from the most shocking of events we can unite. Thanks to everyone who has contributed.


Tim McCurdy

Member for Ovens Valley

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