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5 September 2018, Mr McCURDY (Ovens Valley) My adjournment matter is to the Minister for Public Transport, and the action that I seek is to have the V/Line bus stop in the small town of Everton on the early morning run along the Great Alpine Road from Bright to Wangaratta.

I was recently contacted by Mr Findlay, who works as a volunteer driver. He said that he recently collected a person from Everton so that he could get into Wangaratta on time.

This cost that person $25, whereas a taxi would be $60 and a V/Line bus only $2.20. Mr Findlay said that the man was short of money, as can be the case in regional communities, as we know.

The earliest pass on the Bright–Wangaratta run leaves Bright at 6.10 a.m. and gets into Wangaratta at 7.10 a.m., skipping past Everton and many other small communities.

A bus stop exists in Everton already. It would be easy for the bus to depart 5 to 10 minutes earlier so that the people of Everton can get to where they need to be. This would affect not only Everton but also other small communities nearby that need public transport. They would save on transport costs because the distance they would need to travel to a bus stop would be much less.

Currently, Minister, the earliest a person from Everton can get to Wangaratta is at 8.30 a.m., which is several hours wait until the next train arrives.

We know there is outrage in the city when a train skips a stop to make up time, so why wouldn't it be the same in the country for those who do not have as much access to public transport? This stop would only add a few minutes to the journey time and can be easily made up by running the service slightly earlier, and it would support the people of Everton. I am not asking for a stop in every small community, but Everton is a logical one-off stop.

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