Important community projects ignored by Labor - Letter to the Editor

Thursday 25 October 2018

Labor should call its community grants program Ignore My Project rather than Pick My Project, which is what happened in the Rural City of Wangaratta.

All of the energy put in to writing local applications and the buildup fell flat when Labor ignored every single project in the municipality.

It’s abundantly clear the city-centric Labor government has no idea about life in regional Victoria when it touts a funding program that completely ignores all Wangaratta and district projects as well as all but one in Moira Shire and many in Alpine Shire.

To add insult to injury Labor has given $225 million to the wealthiest sporting organisation in Australia, the AFL.

Sadly, under Labor our local communities now have to work against each other to be successful for Victorian state grants.

In government the Nationals will recognise individual clubs and organisations and go back to the values and integrity that government grants used to provide.

I ask the local organisations that were unsuccessful in Pick My Project to contact me so the need for funding for these projects can be highlighted.


Tim McCurdy

Member for Ovens Valley

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