Jubilee Golf Club - Wangaratta

01 May 2018, Mr McCurdy (Ovens Valley): My question is to the Premier on behalf of Alan White, president of the Jubilee Golf Club in Wangaratta.

The Premier will be very familiar with this club as he is aware that it has a dam onsite and a pipeline from the Ovens River to fill it.

This dam is also identified as a water storage for bushfires in the Warby Range.

The problem is that the diameter of the last 3.5 kilometres of pipeline, when built, was reduced from 150 millimetres down to 100 millimetres. It is not large enough.

We ask the Premier, with his knowledge of the Warby Range bushfires and golf club security, to assist financially in increasing the diameter of this pipeline to 150 millimetres.

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