Labor gives Myrtleford Bowls Club the loose change

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Minister for Health, Mary-Anne Thomas, has congratulated the Myrtleford Bowls Club on successfully receiving a grant for a huge $208.90… only $49,015.50 short of what was actually requested by the Bowls Club.

Labor is now shamelessly mocking regional Victorians in the latest round of funding from the Shade Grant Program, bizarrely skipping over the applications clearly requested figure of $49,260.40 for much needed umbrellas, and instead offering a grant to purchase ten 500ml bottles of sunscreen.

Nationals Member for Ovens Valley, Tim McCurdy, described it as ‘yet another mistake’ from the health minister.

“This is an absolute farce from a health minister who belittles Victorians and is overseeing a failing health system.

“You would think that when you send a letter of congratulations for a $208.90 grant, some alarm bells might go off to check the amount.

“Instead, an inept Government didn’t bat an eyelid – just goes to show that regional Victoria gets the scraps and spare change without even a second glance.”

Mr McCurdy was particularly scathing of the Government for not dealing with follow up correspondence, leaving the bowls club in the position where they will have to refuse the grant, or fund the $49,015.50 themselves.

“Now the Club is left in the lurch, with the Health Department ignoring follow up inquiries. I have no doubt that if the Club accepts the grant, the Government will want the whole project done, and take all the credit.”

Mr McCurdy stated that, “This is an absolute joke, and just goes to show the disdain that Labor has for regional Victorians.”

“Mary-Anne Thomas should be hanging her head in shame that she even signed off on that letter of congratulations.

“Labor have wasted $30.7 billion in cost overruns in Melbourne yet can only throw scraps – crumbs even – to the Ovens Valley.

“You have to ask if this is a sick joke. It just goes to show that Dan Andrews and the Labor Government for Melbourne don’t have a clue about regional Victoria.”



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