Labor rorts continue to grow

Thursday 9 March 2017

Rorting by the Victorian Labor government continues to grow, Nationals Member for Ovens Valley Tim McCurdy told Parliament today.

“It began as a disgraceful use of tax payer money in the election campaign to win government and once the snout was firmly in the trough Labor has continued to rort at every opportunity,” Mr McCurdy said.

“The Premier said “the standard you walk past is the standard you accept” and “I take responsibility for everything that happens in my Government”.

“If this was the case the Premier would force the rorting Member for Melton to pay the money back.”

Mr McCurdy said the Premier and the government had become a protection racket for Peter Marshall, the CFMEU and now Labor members.

“Scandal after scandal has driven this government to the lowest of low depths through the dishonest behaviour of Labor members. Now they have the arrogance to do absolutely nothing about it,” he said.

“Then we discover ministerial cars being used for chauffeuring dogs and for taking ministers to Bruce Springsteen concerts, while nearly half of Labor MPs refuse to live in the electorates they represent.

“When will we see the leadership the Premier promised and said he would deliver? When will he take responsibility and not walk past standards, like he said?”

Mr McCurdy said law and order was out of control in Victoria and Skyrail dodgy deals were taking place while government members were busy filling their own pockets like the great train robber Ronald Biggs.

“If a commodore is the leader of a naval fleet and a general is the leader of soldiers, what do you call the leader of rorters? Premier Andrews.”

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