Liberal Nationals’ plan to better manage local game reserves

Monday 29 October 2018

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will clean up neglected state game reserves in the Ovens Valley electorate, by giving hunters a greater role in maintaining them.

There has been growing concern that Victoria’s 200 state game reserves (SGRs) are being poorly managed under Daniel Andrews, with reports pest animals and weeds are getting out of control, of damaged fencing and of inadequate – or non-existent – signage.

If elected, the Liberal Nationals will transfer management functions for Victoria’s SGRs to the Game Management Authority, from Parks Victoria, by making the relevant amendments to the Wildlife Act 1975.

Nationals Member for Ovens Valley Tim McCurdy said it’s time to clean up our game reserves and give hunters a greater role in their management.

“Local state game reserves are a great asset to our community, bringing hunters and their families into our region that spend in our local cafes and shops, providing a healthy boost to our regional economies,” Mr McCurdy said.

“Our commitment means local members of Field and Game or other registered hunting organisations will have the opportunity to be part of better management and conservation of our game reserves, for the benefit of these natural environments and the enjoyment of tens of thousands of recreational hunters in the Ovens Valley and across Victoria.”

State Game Reserves in the Ovens Valley electorate include Black Swamp (Black Dog Creek), Dowdle Swamp, Moodie Swamp, Big Reedy Lagoon and Rowan Swamp.

Hunting contributes more than $435 million to the Victorian economy each year generating about 4500 direct and in-direct jobs, largely in regional Victoria.

Mr McCurdy said jobs and the economic boost hunting provided our state’s economy was at risk with the threat of a Labor-Greens government.

“The Greens are no friend to Victoria’s recreational hunters, with their stated policy objectives including banning all duck hunting and ‘the end of recreational hunting on public land’,” he said.

“Only a Liberal Nationals Government will support better local recreational hunting by cleaning up our game reserves and giving hunters a greater role in maintaining them.”

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