Liberals Nationals to improve flood preparedness

Wednesday 17 October 2018

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will improve community safety by investing in a further round of flood studies. 

Shadow Minister for Water Steph Ryan was in Yarrawonga today with Member for Ovens Valley Tim McCurdy to commit to the completion of a flood study in Yarrawonga, to look for ways to mitigate flooding caused by the local drainage system.

It’s part of the Liberal Nationals’ $2 million plan to invest in further flood mitigation studies, if elected. 

“Assessing Yarrawonga’s drainage issues will be one of the first priorities of this program,” Mr McCurdy said. 

“Yarrawonga’s drainage system struggles with even a small amount of rain and is failing to withhold winter rainfall amounts.

“Local residents aren’t just concerned about major flooding. Residents in Havenstock Drive and Dunlop Street find themselves impacted by minor flooding after 30mm of rainfall.”

Ms Ryan said flood risk studies were key to better understanding the nature and extent of flood hazards across the floodplain.

“Best practice flood mitigation involves assessing the degree to which a risk can be eliminated,” Ms Ryan said.

“An elected Liberal Nationals government will invest $2 million to fund flood mitigation studies to improve preparedness in flood prone communities.

“The former Liberal Nationals government provided $4.5 million for up to 25 flood risk studies in key communities following the 2010-11 Victorian floods that impacted more than 100 towns and covered one-fifth of the state in water.

“These studies have helped provide effective warning and response plans.

“Residents need to be prepared to act in the event of a flood and these studies will play a vital role in ensuring that happens.”

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