McCurdy – hold up on solar panel rebate information

5 September 2019

Nationals Member for Ovens Valley Tim McCurdy has expressed his frustration with what he describes as “stalling tactics” by the Labor Government.

Mr McCurdy said he lodged a Freedom of Information Request (FOI) for July solar panel rebate allocations via the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner on 17 July.

He has still not received an answer.

“Requests are supposed to be processed and a decision provided as soon as possible but no later than 30 days after the date of your request,“ Mr McCurdy said.

“We are now moving toward a 60-day-wait for details on the solar panel rebate allocation and process for July.

“This time frame is getting a little ridiculous.”

Mr McCurdy said he submitted the FOI request on behalf of local solar businesses who missed out on rebates in July due to the application process.

“There is still a growing suspicion within the industry that rebates are being allocated to the big or more favoured companies, with the intention to push the smaller players out,” he said.

“What is the Labor Government trying to hide by delaying this information getting out?”

On 1 August, 3,333 rebates were all allocated in around 90 minutes, with 6,500 rebates allocated in less than 45 minutes today.

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