Members Statements - 22 February 2022

Tuesday, 22nd February 2022

Mr McCURDY (Ovens Valley) (12:20):


I wish to congratulate St Joseph’s Primary School on their 100-year celebration. The quality of education of the students is a direct result of the high quality of the teachers and the administration. Cobram is a wonderful town to work, live and raise a family in, and St Joseph’s has been a significant part of the development of this Murray River town.


I wish to call on the Victorian government to support staff who have lost their jobs during the Saputo cutbacks in Cobram. We are still unclear as to the exact number of job losses,
but one job is too many to lose, and the Victorian government needs to support communities like Cobram, particularly in light of the government’s COVID management blunders. I hope the Minister
for Regional Development has a plan B ready for Cobram staff that find themselves unemployed.


I call on the Victorian government to keep their hands off Somers School Camp. Somers camp has played a mentoring role within the camp for primary-age students going back decades. This is still the best opportunity to give metropolitan and regional students the confidence and courage to develop new skills. The Victorian government’s meddling with the Somers camp is dangerous. One of the changes this framework is set to introduce is to reduce the nine-day full program to a five-day approach, meaning that students will only have a three-day adventure camp instead of the full curriculum delivery as outlined in the school’s mission statement. Somers camp is not broken. Leave it alone, and let Somers camp develop our kids as it has done for decades.


The Victorian government needs to fix the doctor shortages in our regional communities. Our office is fielding many calls a week from people like Alicia, who has moved to Wangaratta. She has got a young family and realises that the Wangaratta doctors are no longer taking on new patients. The Andrews government has dropped the ball on doctors in the regions, and this crisis must be addressed now.


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