Ovens Valley electorate floods

Tuesday 12 December 2017, Mr McCurdy (Ovens Valley): Congratulations to all involved in preparing our communities for the major rain events recently.

Victoria State Emergency Service, the Country Fire Authority and all volunteers worked together to ensure Cobram, Yarrawonga, Wangaratta, Myrtleford and Bright were all well prepared.

Myrtleford came the closest to a major event with 125 millimetres on the Friday night, and an expected further 100 millimetres on the Saturday night galvanised the town into action, with sandbags filled and distributed throughout the town.

Thankfully the 100 millimetres turned into 25 millimetres, and a major event was averted. However, you can only admire the teamwork of those communities to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

A huge thankyou to all service clubs, including the Myrtleford Lions club, which responded late Saturday night, but to all the volunteers: I simply do not know where we would be without you.

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