Ovens Valley Groundwater Extraction

29 May 2019, Mr McCURDY (Ovens Valley): My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Water, who is in the house today, I see, which is wonderful. The action that I seek is for the minister to be kind enough to release some aquifer data details to the Ovens Valley community regarding the water usage and harvesting that is currently happening for the bottling of fresh water. Recently I met with locals who reside in and around Myrtleford and who are concerned that water extraction is unsustainable in the region. Concerns were raised around water harvesting and the subsequent export of that water for bottling and consumption throughout Australia. I did challenge the locals to say that the water resource information would be being monitored, but the best way to resolve the question was to establish what aquifer levels were 10 years ago, prior to the harvesting, and what those levels are today. The company holds a legitimate water licence to extract water, but some locals are concerned that the aquifer is being overcommitted. I therefore request that the minister supply the community with these details so that they can better understand the long-term consequences, if any, of this water extraction.

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