Petition to protect local farmers against animal rights activists

Monday 4 March 2019


Nationals Member for Ovens Valley Tim McCurdy has launched a petition to defend the rights of Victorian farmers against unlawful animal rights activists.


The petition supports a motion introduced to Parliament by The Nationals to ensure activists feel the full force of the law.


The action follows a large number of Victorian farmers and their families being left exposed by a mass publication online of personal addresses by activist group Aussie Farms.


"Local farmers and their families need our support and protection from unlawful extreme animal rights activists,” Mr McCurdy said.


"Ovens Valley farmers work hard and operate responsible and sustainable businesses. They deserve to be able to operate their farms without fear for their own safety or that of their family, employees and livestock.


“The State Government has failed to support calls for Aussie Farms to be stripped of its charity tax after their mass privacy breach.


Militant activism that includes trespass on Victorian farms, livestock theft and property damage isn’t charity work – its breaking the law.”


Mr McCurdy said the State Government must act immediately to protect law-abiding farmers and ensure extreme animal activists who are threatening farmers, their families and putting stock welfare at risk feel the full force of the law.


The petition calls for the urgent need for stronger protection of law-abiding farmers and requests Aussie Farms status as a charitable organisation be revoked.


It also calls for the Aussie Farms website that exposes farming families and threatens their property and wellbeing of livestock be shutdown and stronger legal protections to appropriately penalise aggressive protestors and trespassers who threaten or encourage damage to property or incite trespass and biosecurity breaches.


The petition can be signed at Mr McCurdy’s electorate office – 15 Murphy St, Wangaratta or by requesting an electronic copy on 5721 6155.

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