Tell the Minister how electricity prices are hurting you

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Labor’s Energy Minister today claimed she would meet with anyone to discuss their electricity prices and Nationals Member for Ovens Valley Tim McCurdy is encouraging Ovens Valley residents to take her up on the offer.

“In response to a question regarding the rising cost of electricity Lily D’Ambrosio stated in Parliament today that she would meet anybody, anytime, anywhere to discuss their electricity prices,” Mr McCurdy said.

“Ovens Valley residents should absolutely take her up on this offer so the Minister can hear first-hand how Labor’s decisions have sent electricity prices through the roof and are hurting local businesses and families. 

“I would be happy to facilitate one-on-one meetings with the Minister so she can hear for herself what electricity prices are like under Labor for people living in the Ovens Valley.”

Mr McCurdy said Labor’s decision to close the Hazelwood Power Station had resulted in local families, businesses and community organisations experiencing the doubling of electricity bills.

“On top of the closure of Hazelwood, Labor has botched its plan to install two large batteries as a backup energy supply over summer to avoid blackouts across the state,” he said.

“With Labor in charge Victorians are enduring spiraling energy prices and uncertainty of supply.”

Mr McCurdy encouraged people to email him at [email protected] or phone 5721 6155 to arrange a time to meet the minister.

“Let’s take this opportunity to let the Energy Minister and the State Government know the impact of increasing energy prices.”


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