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McCurdy continues Wangaratta Hospital push

Nationals Member for Ovens Valley, Tim McCurdy, has continued his push for investment and future proofing of the Wangaratta Hospital, by inviting Premier Jacinta Allan to visit alongside him, and see the need for space to expand.

“If the Premier came to Wangaratta, she would see the investment that is needed in the health system,” Mr McCurdy said

“Northeast Health is a growing hospital, and with the increasingly prevalent mergers and funding shortfalls in some of the other regional hospitals, it is important that we keep the big ones in tiptop shape.”

It follows on from Mr McCurdy’s efforts to ensure the future of the hospital by planning ahead to vacant greenfield sites, in a visionary plan for the health precinct in Wangaratta.

“I have spoken before about the need for room to grow, and how the current site is a postage stamp in comparison to the room we need.

“The only way to expand now is up, and that involves shutting down wards and ripping beds out to put new ones in.

“The current building has been in the same location since the 1870s and has served the community well.

“However, we need to plan for the future, not just the next decade, but the next 100 years, and we need to find the best location to open up access and expansion in the years ahead.”


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