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Myrtleford CFA shed upgrades are urgent

The Myrtleford CFA Shed is in need of urgent upgrades in order to deliver quality services to the community, with Nationals Member for Ovens Valley, Tim McCurdy, calling on the Government to provide funding in the upcoming budget.

“Myrtleford CFA is desperate for an upgrade, and we cannot continue to put it off any longer.

“We know in the regions just how important the CFA is, and how having the best equipment and facilities can help prevent a major bushfire from spreading and causing more destruction.

“We have lived through the horrors of the Black Saturday fires, and it is critical that we are prepared so that we do not see such a tragedy again.

“Vulnerable communities like Myrtleford are located in the bush and alpine regions making them less accessible to additional aid, or a quick exit.

“I have invited the Premier to visit the current shed with me and see how important funding for these upgrades really is.”


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