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Duck call a long overdue win for common sense

Tuesday, January 30, 2023

Common sense has prevailed in a win for thousands of duck hunters throughout Victoria.

Labor, the Greens and the Animal Justice Party members involved in the Inquiry into Victoria’s Recreational Native Bird Hunting Arrangements based their judgements on ideology alone, ignoring science.

Put simply, it was a biased and stacked inquiry which had no intention of listening to the common-sense position of The Nationals that recommended the continuation of duck hunting in a sustainable and safe manner.

Nationals Member for Ovens Valley, Tim McCurdy, said that he was relieved to see the Government accept the position of The Nationals on recreational duck hunting.

“This is a legitimate activity that thousands of Victorians enjoy each and every year.

“Sustainable limits, increased training, and other reforms are important to ensure that we can continue to enjoy this fine tradition.”

However, Mr McCurdy also expressed concerns about some of the new limitations.

“I have genuine concerns that the Government is using some of the new limitations to try and increase hunting breaches and have a different excuse to ban hunting next season.

“The 8am start time is far too late, as most the ducks have gone by then, making it difficult to get a full bag, if any ducks at all.

“Whilst I am relieved to see hunting continue, I am still wary about the direction the Government is looking to take in future.”



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