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Labor lets the dogs out while farmers suffer

Friday, March 15, 2024


Whilst Labor MPs are getting photo ops with dingoes in Parliament, hundreds of farmers continue to suffer the loss of livestock at the hands of wild dogs every year.

Wild dog attacks cost the Victorian economy millions of dollars every year, with farmers left to foot the bill for the destruction.

The recent extension of the dingo unprotection order until October is a weak decision from Labor that fails to give farmers the security they need.

Nationals Member for Ovens Valley, Tim McCurdy, said that it was time for Labor to stop taking photos and get serious on wild dogs.

“Wild dogs are a constant threat to farmers and livestock, and can be incredibly destructive, particularly around young livestock,” Mr McCurdy said.

“They are rightly classed as pests, and we need Jacinta Allan and Labor to actually support our farming communities and give them the security they deserve.

“The Labor MPs need to get out of the city and into the bush and experience what our farmers go through every single day.

Mr McCurdy said that he had seen too many carcasses left in the wake of wild dogs.

“I have been out to numerous farms and find carcass after carcass left to rot, after the dogs have been in and ripped out the hearts from the livestock,” Mr McCurdy said.

“I encourage any farmer who has experienced a wild dog attack to send a photo of the carcass to their local Nationals MP so we can show the Labor, Greens, and Animal Justice MPs just how ‘cute and cuddly’ these animals are.”


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