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Regional Roads must improve Beechworth-Wangaratta Road safety

Nationals Member for Ovens Valley, Tim McCurdy, has called on the Minister for Roads and Road Safety to meet with concerned locals in order to improve safety on the Beechworth-Wangaratta Road at Airey Lane.

Speaking in Parliament, Mr McCurdy was keen for RRV to discuss with locals much needed safety improvements.

“There have been many near misses at 1782 Beechworth-Wangaratta Road.

“I really think we should be taking this section of the road seriously, and we need to do some work on it.

“There needs to be turning lane as the road is too narrow, and the corner needs widening, or barriers put in place.

“It is a stretch of road on which locals tell me they have actually had to tow out vehicles; they have had to do lots of things that are just near misses that never get on the record.

“I really encourage the minister to invite Regional Roads Victoria to meet with us at that location.”


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